As the real times are changing, so are the demands and supplies.In the earlier times automobiles were used as necessities and were affordable also. Automotive industry saw a down trend in the past decade. But recovered very fast as this sector showed tremendous growth with no time. Big domestic and international companies helped this sector to grow and create demand and acceptability among users.As India grew the infrastructure standards went up so demand for the automobiles started rising. As this sector was on a high in all products related to automobile started creating demand with a balanced supply in itself. Growth of big cars, truck, buses Etc manufactures made way for small and big vendors to escalate their production and growth as per the demand. Companies adapted various methods, models to reach in different parts of India.

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Product provision
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One-time costs
Monthly costs


C$ 35,500



C$ 15,099



C$ 40,645



C$ 35,856



C$ 13,621



C$ 15,539



C$ 12,158



C$ 5,786



C$ 42,623



C$ 13,857


To enhance brand image, cater to the demand of people, making their product available for growth and sales. A small sector with automobiles started taking shape known Automotive Franchise. Automotive franchise started very slowly where big companies involved investors as their strategic partners taking control and care of their brand and business for a particular location under the supervision of the principal company. As it was well excepted by the investors and planned by the automotive industry Now the question is how to start an automotive franchise. The answer lies within the question. The first thing to understand is whether this franchise is right for me. Do I see interest in doing business with the brand or have interest in the automotive franchise. If you have an answer to the question then is the use to understand how to start automotive franchise. The second level comes to identify the right partner .Who has the expertise, experiences, little to big brand value, Support system Some profitability to sustain and technical know how to make you understand the business concept in automotive franchise. Once identified, Location plays a key role in any business but a major role as well in automotive franchise, where people could reach, find and identify your franchise and brand.

Level three to identify the financial requirements, overhead expenses, your working capital needed, support systems, procuring materials in any form supplied by the franchisor. Manpower training, management, Marketing, Advertisement plans to be shared with automotive franchisor.

Every issue is a major one to discuss, but some key steps help you in answering your question start automotive franchise.